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Reach for the Stars

Next up on the makeup que to be reviewed is the HUDA BEAUTY MECURY RETROGRADE EYESHADOW PALETTE.

Originally released in October of 2019, this palette flew into the beauty world with 18 highly-pigmented, never before seen shades, including 9 mattes and 9 glitter. Now, the thing that was so attractive about this release, was that the palette contained shades that compliment every eye color. Being that I am always in search for unique shades that compliment my green eyes, you can imagine how fast I jumped at the opportunity to acquire this palette. I mean c'mon do you really expect anything differently from me by now?

Anyways, when I got the palette, I was pleased to discover just how good of a purchase this actually was:

-First, the shades are jam packed with color- it's perfect for blending and adding a pop of color to give you that "out of this world" look.

-Secondly, the glitter shades were not splotchy. Meaning, when I applied the eyeshadows on my lids, the color was identical to how the shades look in the palette. In my opinion, this will actually make or break a palette. When I make an eyeshadow purchase, I want to know my glitter shades are going to be saturated with color and contain maximum sparkle. So I was incredibly pleased to discover that the Mercury Retrograde Palette was essentially a powder liquid (according the Bobbi Brown, this is apparently possible with her new foundation release). If these shades weren't powder, I would think they were liquid. The pigment in the glitter shades, I dare to say, competes with Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Palettes; which we all know remains Queen of the sparkle galaxy.

-Thirdly, you can build both a natural, earthly look or you can venture out to craft a look that is truly from another dimension!

Now, earlier I mentioned that this palette was universally flattering to all eye colors, but in order to get the most complimenting look it's important to know which shades are made for your eye color! What I simply am referring to is complimentary colors. SO for example, blue eyes thrive when paired with shades of orange, mauve, and brown! Therefore, the shades 'CRASH', 'UTOPIA', 'FRAZZLED' and 'SUPERNOVA' would deepen and highlight the blues in your eyes. Colors such as 'LIBRA', 'GALAXY', 'GOLD GLITCH', and 'ULTRA VIOLET' would capture my brown eyed beauties, amber and liquid dark chocolate eyes. The colors 'COSMIC', 'HOT MESS', 'VOTEX', and 'HAZE' would simply make gorgeous green eyes glow. As you can see the variety and all inclusiveness of this palette makes it 100% worth the buy.

While, I love a good eyeshadow palette, when you start breaking $67+ you want to make sure that what you're buying is the best and with this criteria in mind, I would still, again, purchase this palette.

You've been told to reach for the stars, well I'm here to tell you this star is in reach and to go ahead and grab it.

To infinity and beyond....until next time,

Stay Beautiful.

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