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It is that time of year again. We have spent the past couple months prepping our bods for the very anticipated bikini season in hopes of looking absolutely snatched in our swimsuits. Well…this would have been the plan had we not all just endured a worldwide pandemic, gained fifteen pounds in quarantine snacking and been secluded to our households for so long we forgot that a world outside pajamas exists. Yikes.

Unfortunately for us, Summer didn’t get put on hold like our social lives. So now, we have yet another problem to face: how do we look our best when we have been out of social practice for a couple months? We haven’t seen our close friends in what feels like an eternity and somehow/some way we need to take some post-quarantine pictures that make our exes do a double take. There’s a hefty to-do list and the first item is to break out that summer wardrobe/beauty collection.

Now, I know some of my newcomers are sitting there reading this saying, “I’ve heard of summer clothes, but you’re telling me I need summer makeup as well?” Yes ma’am, you do. I know all of us have our favorite go to nude palette and a lot will even have a palette with smokey colors for a night out on the town, but I am willing to bet you don’t have a designated summer palette. A summer palette is important because it reduces the number of palettes you have to bring with you on vacation, attracts more attention because of the complimentary atmosphere, and includes exotic colors you wouldn’t normally use, thus providing much needed shot of confidence.

My favorite summer palette was a 2018 Urban Decay release called, the Beached Palette.

First off, let’s talk packaging on this baby. Now, I know I’m not the only one out there that has purchase something completely on a whim because of the cute packaging, but I can honestly say that upon first seeing this release, I knew I was going to purchase it simply because it had palm trees on it. Yes, I am lame. Yes, I embrace and flaunt it. Thank you, next. SO anyways, the SoCal inspired palm trees on the front are so tropical, and practically scream paradise. I also kind of adored how petite and clean the palette looked. It is smaller than the typical NAKED Palettes, but bigger than a travel size such as those seen by Too Faced ‘Shake Your Palm Palms’ or ‘Hot Buttered Rum’ palettes. As if this wasn’t enough to make you want it, you then open it and find an 8-pan beach inspired color story. Talk about being in paradise. Sheesh. The palette features 6 burnt orange/sandy colored shades and two metallic ocean blues. The one peculiar thing about the palette though is that there is a single matte (Daybreak) shade and a single satin shade (Salt). I am a little confused as to why Urban Decay didn’t even out the matte/satin to metallic ratios, but it doesn’t hinder my love for the palette.

I hear you, I hear you. The colors are cool and all, but what we really want from a summer palette is for it to stay put when the summer starts to heat up. Well,

I have good news for you. You can look and feel hot (literally) in these stunning shades. In fact, the colors were able to withstand a five-hour beach day, with 99-degree heat. There was minimal smudging, and I found the only movement on the look I did was actually my winged eyeliner. Now there is one little problem you may encounter with this palette…

IT IS NOT SOLD ANYMORE. However, I can help. Websites you wouldn’t normally go to for makeup needs can actually be super helpful in offering cheaper alternatives to luxury makeup, including discontinued items! The UD Beached Palette retails on Poshmark for any where between $10-20. Being that the original release was $35+ this is a STEAL. And if you don’t like Poshmark, you can also find it on EBay/Amazon for a larger price. I recommend hitting up Poshmark first and then looking for alternatives.

It is with 100% confidence I can recommend this palette to you and encourage you to make it an essential part of your summer glow up routine. I love having it in my collection and consider it to be a unique addition to my collection. I know you’ll love it as much as I do. On my Instagram you will find a picture of one of the eye looks I love to create with this palette! If you end up ordering the palette or replicating the look, be sure to tag AKBeautiful and let me know what you think!

Stay Snatched. Stay Beautiful.

Alaina Katherine

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