The most recent hype in the beauty community are all things SKINCARE! People are beginning to see how important skincare is and are looking for new products to add to their skincare routines. This has resulted in a massive wave of influencers turning to social media with their reviews and recommendations on both brands and products. Even brand owners are recognizing the hype and are starting to produce their own skincare lines (ex. Kylie Skincare, Huda Beauty Wishful Skin, and Alicia Keys Soulcare). Amongst all these new skincare releases, one thing is for certain- people want clean products. This is what led to brands such as Glow Recipe, Tatcha, and FARMACY beauty to become increasingly popular. While I personally love all three of these brands, I wanted to review FARMACY Beauty to give you some insight on one of the most well-known clean beauty brands.

Full discloser: I have not tried every product from FARMACY Beauty, but I have tried two of the Makeup Removing Melting Balms (Cherry and the Green Clean), Hydrating Coconut Gel Face Masks, Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Cleanser, and the Honey Butter Beeswax Lip Balm. So, while I have not tried all their products, I have definitely had experience with the brand and the products they offer.


Starting off, I wanted to explore the brand as a whole. Don’t you worry though, I am not going to sit around and ramble on about the history of the brand, rather I’m just going to tell you what you should know before purchasing their products. The basis of Farmacy Beauty is Farm derived products- what this means is they only use naturally derived ingredients. Their products are void of any mineral oils, synthetic fragrance, parabens, and phthalates. Oh, and they are CRUELTY FREE. Therefore, when you choose to purchase from this brand you can rest easy knowing you are putting safe, environmentally friendly, and clean products on your skin.


Moving onto their actual products, the first cosmetic I purchased from them was their Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask (retails at $8). Now let me just say, I am a sucker for gel sheet masks. No matter what your skin type, gel sheet masks are a sure-fire way to soothe and relax your skin. Therefore, I may have already had a preconceived notion that I was going to LOVE these masks. Anyways! These masks are coconut water infused and come in two different options- Brightening and Hydrating. I always side with the Hydrating because I have dry skin, but for someone with oily or combination skin I would 100% side towards the Brightening mask. Something I loved about this product was that it was infused with Coconut water instead of Coconut Oil. Personally, I know a numerous people that have had breakouts from coconut oil in products, so the fact this still harnesses the nourishing power of coconut, but in a more inclusive way is so perfect! Honestly, I loved this product and would recommend to anyone looking for a nourishing treat for their skin.

Tip: For anyone who struggles with puffiness, put this mask in the fridge for an extra soothing facial.

The next product I tried from their cosmetics line was the Honey Butter Beeswax Lip Balm.

This little balm retails at $10 which is A LOT for a lip balm, but was it worth it? In my opinion… YES. Honestly, this is my favorite go-to lippie. I take it everywhere. The only downside is the price. However, compared to other luxury skin care brands, such as Fresh Cosmetics, these lip balms are $8 dollars cheaper. So for all my lip balm loving babies, go ahead and snatch this one up- she’s well worth the price.

The Makeup Melting Balms were my following purchase. I had been searching for an alternative to makeup wipes, so when I saw that FARMACY beauty had these makeup removing solutions, I was more than happy to give them a try. I purchased both the Cherry

and Green Clean Makeup Melting Balms. While, they may look super beautiful, I honestly felt that they didn’t do the best job getting my makeup off. I had to resort to doing a double cleanse every time I did my makeup and 9/10 times my cleanser would get more off than the makeup melting balms. So, while they may look cute, I can honestly tell you your money is probably better spent on something else.

Not long after searching for a makeup remover, did I find myself also looking for a cleanser. Let me be the first to say, I am VERY particular about my cleansers. Until that point, I had been using Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse as my everyday cleanser, but hey am always open to switching up my routine. So, I decided to branch out and purchase FARMACY Beauty’s Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Cleanser. Being that I hadn’t loved my recent purchase of the melting balms, I was hoping that the cleanser could repair my love for FARMACY’s products. However, I am sorry to say I didn’t love the cleanser either. I felt like my skin wasn’t actually clean after using it, and while the brand does not include synthetic fragrances, it did have an organic scent to it that reminded me of how hotel room’s normally smell. Personally, I like my cleansers not to have fragrance so this right off the bat was a red flag for me. So I do not think I will be adding this cleanser to my skincare routine.


Overall, I think FARMACY Beauty has some INCREDIBLE products like their face masks and lip balm. I simply love that fact that this skincare supports local farms, includes natural/clean ingredients, and is cruelty free! I always feel good knowing that my purchase is not only good for my skin, but good for the community. It simply is a “feel good- do good” brand.

With any relationship there’s going to be ups and downs, so I do not hold my disliking of certain products against the brand. Rather, I am interested and excited, to find more products that I love within the FARMACY Beauty brand.

In closing, I recommend this beauty brand to anyone searching for clean cosmetics, that they can be proud of and feel good putting on.

Stay Naturally Beautiful,


Alaina Katherine

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