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What's better than buying a new makeup product? Buying it at a quarter of the price! I mean c'mon....the more money you save, the more palettes you can buy- am I right OR am I right?!

So let's talk dupes!

Makeup dupes are a FABULOUS way to save some bucks, while still getting the look you desire. In fact, dupes have been all the rage on the internet lately, especially with the rise of better store-brand makeup products (NYX, E.L.F, Makeup Revolution). This is SUPER EXCITING news for those of us who love makeup, but can't bring themselves to buy that 50 dollar foundation. I know personally, I find myself wanting the best and newest makeup products on the market, but beauty is expensive and sometimes it is just not feasible to make those purchases.

That being said, I wanted to give you guys a dupe on one of the most luxury brands out there: one that I literally drool over, but can't afford to drop 125 dollars on....


Yes, Mother herself and her stunning collection of expensive Mothership Palettes. These palettes retail at 125 dollars and rarely go on sale and even when they do, you can still expect to pay about 100 dollars for a single palette. As much as I covet these sparkle dripping shadows, dropping 100 dollars on each purchase is not feasible for a lot of people.

This is precisely what prompted my quest towards finding a financially friendly substitute to the luxury shadows. The palette I placed my efforts on is the Pat McGrath Labs Mothership II. The palette includes the most dreamy shade of green that literally looks as if it has miniature diamonds in it (Trust me, I'm drooling too). It took me a year, but I finally found a dupe to Mother's second release palette. Drumroll Please.....

The Wet n Wild x Bretman Rock Eyeshadow Palette.

This tropical looking palette features 15 highly pigmented shades that include both matte and glitter shadows. When I first discovered the palette, I wasn't necessarily looking for a Pat McGrath dupe, but then I noticed it. The emerald green shade. When I saw it, my jaw dropped. It literally looks identical to the green found in the Pat McGrath Labs palette. What made this palette so attractive those was the price. The Wet n Wild Palette retails at $15 dollars. TALK ABOUT A STEAL!!! It took me about .02 seconds to put the palette in my shopping bag and checkout. Now the question was, would the shades compare to those found in the luxury shadows...

To my surprise, I found that the shades are almost IDENTICAL. Attached below, you will find a picture of swatches from the Pat McGrath Mothership II Palette (left) and the Wet n Wild x Bretman Rock Palette (right) next to one another. As you can see there is very minimal differences between the shadows. So much so, that when I saw how similar they were, I took to the internet to see if anyone else had discovered this dupe.... and to my surprise NOBODY had. Therefore, it is my pleasure to give you the Pat McGrath Mothership II dupe: Wet n Wild x Bretman Rock.

Beauty doesn't have to be expensive. You just need to keep your cut creased eyes peeled.

Until the next beauty on a budget dupe,

Stay (financially) Beautiful.

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